Laptop Lunches

Well, my kids started school yesterday and we all survived. It was so funny. When I dropped them off in the morning all the parents were asking how I was doing. 🙂 It’s a very small school that they’re going to, so all the students and parents knew them by name when we walked in the door. My daughter even received a picture that someone made for her! I almost cried when she showed it to me, but managed to keep myself together until I walked back to the car. 😀

One thing that’s brand new to me is making lunches for the kids. I’m used to making a casserole or heating up leftovers for them every day. That doesn’t exactly work for school though. But I did stumble across a web site that had some lunch suggestions HERE. Whether you kids attend a school or are home schooled, I think we could all use a couple more lunch ideas. But the cool part about this web site, was that it lead me to LAPTOP LUNCHES.

Laptop Lunches
Laptop Lunches

These have got to be the coolest lunch boxes I’ve ever seen, not to mention very environmentally friendly. They also offer some great lunch suggestions. No, they are not the cheapest thing in the world, but think of all the plastic bags you won’t be using. I for one am considering a purchase come January. 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful blessed day!



One thought on “Laptop Lunches

  1. The Buddy

    I like bentos! I was actually looking into them because of a place downtown that sells bento lunches–but in a disposable box. These are a clever idea.

    ps I dig the theme. 🙂

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