Simple Steps to Healthier Eating 101

Well, it’s January, and lots of people (myself included) are wanting to get healthier. I’m just so bad at getting out of my old habits. Grrrrrr! But I got a link today that actually sounded like a good thing. You can be the judge of that. I just wanted to pass along the link in case this is something that you’ve been looking for. But the sale is only 3 days, so you’ve have to check it out soon. Here’s the link. Erica calls herself SuperMom and is offering a 10 week ecourse through email. Yes, I’ve already signed up. I figure it’s only 10 bucks, and if I get a couple of ideas from it I will come out ahead. So go take a peek if you get a chance… and let me know what you think.
Stay warm!


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