Father’s Day Dinner

Greetings! It’s supposed to be a high of 76 degrees today and rainy… my kind of day. 🙂

The tradition in our home has usually been that I make a special dinner for my husband on Father’s Day. It’s usually something we wouldn’t normally have, and this year we’re having a brisket.

Last Saturday we saw a PBS special called “America’s Home Cooking: Easy Recipes For Thrifty Cooking”. It was run during their pledge drive, and I’m kicking myself now for not pledging and getting the cookbook. But he did make a brisket that 1 wrote the recipe down for because it’s soooooo simple. Ready?

Beef Brisket
1 can whole cranberry sauce
1 envelope of onion soup mix

That’s it!
Put your brisket in the crock pot.
Top with the cranberry sauce. I made my own sauce using this recipe, so that I could use a different sugar (again super simple). I prefer to use agave nectar because of its low glycemic index.

Finally, sprinkle with your onion soup mix and cook on low for about 8 hours. Again, I made my own soup mix using this recipe. Why, you ask? It’s not like it’s expensive. True. However, most soup mixes contain msg, which I do not want in my diet, so I take the small amount of extra time to make my own.

Throw some potatoes in the toaster oven to bake, steam a little asparagus and we’ve got a wonderful dinner with very little effort. We have some leftover cake for dessert, but this meal would be better with pie, I think. 😉

Hope you had a wonderful day!


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