Menu Plan Monday – July 27th

I have to plan my menu out this week because it’s a busy week. If I don’t, we’ll end up eating cheese tortillas and peanut butter sandwiches all week… with frequent stops at Subway and Wendy’s. Yuck! Not that Subway is bad for you, I just got burnt out by it a while ago and haven’t bounced back yet. Especially after watching Sandra Lee’s Money Saving Meals today where she made meatball subs! Yum… and so much cheaper!
Any ways… on with the menu plan, or maybe I should say guideline, for this week.

Monday – Chicken Soup and bread with raw veggies

Tuesday – Mini Meatloaves (didn’t make this last week) with corn and veggies

Wednesday – MMM Meal from the freezer*

Thursday – Pizza?

Friday – Brinner (scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, pancakes, and fruit)

Saturday – Beef Barley Soup

Sunday – Homemade Cheeseburgers & Fresh Cut Fries

For hundreds of other great menu ideas head over to orgjunkie!

Have a flavorful day!

*MMM stands for Meal Makin’ Mamas. There are 5 of us who make a big batch of the same meal once a month and freeze them. Then we all swap our meals so that we each have 5 different healthy meals in the freezer. With 5 or 6 meals in the freezer I know that I have a super easy night at least once a week… some times twice!


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