On a pie kick (and no one’s complaining)

On Wednesday I was just in the mood to make a pie. I had some strawberries and some rhubarb to use up, so I thought I would make a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Then I thought, maybe I should make 2 pies because I’m not sure everyone likes rhubarb. I always keep pumpkin and evaporated milk in my cupboard so I pulled one of each out. That’s when I noticed the expiration date on the milk: Aug 14, 2009. Back to the cupboard to check the other cans, and found another one that expired the same date. So, I’m making 2 pumpkins pies and freezing the strawberry rhubarb filling. Not a problem. 🙂 We’ve been enjoying those the past couple of days.

Now I want to make another one. I still have strawberries to use up, so I pulled out my American Cooking Cookbook. This bad boy is over 900 pages long and I adopted it when I married my husband. The thing goes alphabetical by ingredient… I kid you not. Starts with Abalone…Almond…Ambrosia, etc. Ends with Yogurt…Zabaglione (?) …Zucchini. I did find a copy of it on amazon if you want to take a peek. That version is from 1972, but mine is from 1986. So if you’re wanting to make something out of, say, strawberries you would look for that ingredient and find a bunch of recipes to choose from. And when it comes to strawberries there are many pies and cakes to choose from. I, however, decided on a recipe called Mile-High Strawberry Pie. I was shocked to find a very similar recipe on Recipezaar so that I could share it with you. You can find it HERE.

Shall we get to the pie now? 🙂 I followed the instructions… mostly. It says to beat the strawberries, egg whites, et all for 15-20 minutes. It’s supposed to look like a meringue when you’re done. I didn’t time it, but it looked good enough. The recipezaar recipe calls for Cool-Whip. My recipe calls for heavy whipping cream, beaten. I would recommend the Cool Whip. I whipped my cream and it got too thick. Then I tried to fold it into my “meringue” and got chunks of cream throughout. Something in my brain said, “Hey, you used the mixer for both the strawberry mixture and the cream… why not just stick it back in there to mix in the cream?” I know, I know… I should’ve known better. I watched as it beat in my cream and sank my meringue. Oops. However it still tastes fine, it’s just not going to be “Mile-High.”

You want a picture? It’s in the freezer right now, but I’ll take one once it’s frozen. Oy! A learning experience indeed! (And don’t think I won’t try to make another one tomorrow. I’ve still got strawberries to use up!)
Now I need to make lunch. Have a fruitful day!



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