Lunch plans have changed

When I make out my meal pan for the week, I use it as a guide line. It’s never completely set in stone in case something changes… or I find a really awesome recipe! That would be the case today. 😀 When I posted my link over at I’m an Organizing Junkie last night, I ended up checking out some other menus that were already posted… one of them being Laura @ Heavenly Homemaker.

When reading through her menu I noticed that she had Homemade Corn Dogs on her list. Curious, especially since my children have been asking to make corn dogs lately. So, I clicked on the recipe. Not only did she make corn dogs, but someone else recommended that she try making Corn Dog Muffins. And someone else recommended making them in a mini muffin pan to get a better muffin to dog ratio! My poor neglected mini muffin pan has found a purpose!

I had 2 boxes of Jiffy Corn Bread mix in the cupboard, so I pulled both out and mixed them up. I also had 3 hot dogs in the fridge, slotted for lunch on Wednesday. Wednesday will now have to change! I cut each dog into 8 pieces, filled up my muffins tins, and here’s what they looked like…

Pre Oven Dogs

Here’s a picture of them after baking (& boy waiting with anticipation for them to cool)…
Completed Dogs

I thought maybe they would bake up more and cover the hot dog. But, whatever… as long as they taste good. The boy from the picture has already eaten 8 of them (a total of 1 whole hot dog) and I think could easily eat 8 more. 🙂 I’m already thinkin’ school lunches here. Yummy!

Well I’m off to get some more stuff done. Just had to share my new discovery with you. 🙂
Have a great day!

PS – Problem solved… frost them with Ketchup and Mustard. Tee-Hee! 🙂
Frosted Dogs


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