Farmer’s Market

I have really been enjoying the Farmer’s Market by my house. It’s open on Thursdays from noon to 5:00pm and I sure am going to miss it when it shuts down for the season. But we still have many more weeks left and I’m going to take advantage of it. 😀 I had to take a picture of my goods today. Take note of the cauliflower. I put the gallon of milk next to it for size reference…


This week I bought 2 dozen ears of corn… and it looks fantastic! I want to boil some of it up, but I bought it for a single purpose. I want to make tamales. I’ve never made tamales before, and I love them. I know that you can make them from corn flour, or masa, but I want to try THIS RECIPE.
My plan is to make them on Saturday. If the kids like them, then I plan to use them in their lunches or as an after school snack.

I shall keep you posted!

PS – I posted a picture of the cake that I made last week on FLICKR if you haven’t seen it yet. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market

  1. Words from the now-wiser on making tamales. Count the husks in your package before you try and soak them. Otherwise you might find yourself with a lot more wet cornhusks than you really need and there is no good way to save them.

    Also, I didn’t tie mine with string or use parchment paper and they turned out just fine (I rolled them kind of like a burrito). That is how they do them at the tamale places I have been to. Not sure if there is any benefit to doing it with the string/parchment paper but it seems like it would take a lot more work.

    1. Antoinette

      Thank Kirsten! Since I’m using fresh corn, I’ll probably just use the husks from those. But if I make them in the winter time when I can’t get the fresh stuff, then I’ll try to remember that. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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