Menu Plan Monday – Sept. 28th

Happy birthday to my oldest baby boy! He’s 9 today. So in 9 more years… nope I’m not ready to think about that yet. :-O

It’s kind of the week of birthdays in our house. Mine was Saturday, my boy is today, and we’re celebrating my buddy’s birthday this coming Saturday. His birthday (his 40th birthday) isn’t until mid-October, but we’re celebrating it a bit early. I’ll be working on the food for the party this week, so I need to make our meals as simple as possible.

Remember, for more menu ideas, head over to

Breakfast this week will be eggs + (insert baked good or oatmeal here).
Lunch: Sandwiches + carrots + fruit
Monday – Spaghetti and MB (my son’s request)
Tuesday – Beef Barley Soup (using up leftovers)
Wednesday – Spiced Citrus Chicken (freezer meal from my friend Katie at our monthly meal exchange)
Thursday – Leftovers
Friday – Chicken Enchiladas (my Mother-in-law is bringing these)
Saturday – PARTY!
Sunday – K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart)

My Mom came over on Saturday to help me make stuffed meatballs for the party. We combine my recipe along with Robert Irvine’s from the Food Network. They looked and smelled fabulous. I suppose I should’ve tasted one before I put them in the freezer. :-O Any ways, I still need to make the cheese stuffed meatballs. Probably going to base them off of Sandra Lee’s recipe. I only need to make one big batch of sauce. Then there’s the garlic bread and the cakes/cupcakes and… party time!

Thanks for stopping by and have a flavorful week,


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