Crock Pot Wednesday – October 28th, 2009

I pulled my chicken soup out of the freezer today to find out that it was my last bag. I’m going to have to make more soup kits next week, but it’s so worth it. What I like to do is make a “base kit” of broth and other goodies and freeze it. Then when I want to make soup I toss it in the crock pot for a couple of hours, add whatever leftover meat I have and some frozen veggies… or you can clean out the fridge if you have bits of leftover veggies from throughout the week. Tonight I even threw in a cup or 2 of leftover tomato soup. Tasted pretty good!

This is a picture of what we had tonight. Kind of turned into stew! 🙂

Here’s my base recipe…

4 cups broth (chicken, beef, or vegetable)
1 medium onion chopped
2 potatoes, scrubbed and diced (peel if you want)
2 stalks of celery, chopped
2 cups of carrots, chopped
1/2 – 1 cup lentils
1/2 cup of barley
1 tsp salt
1 tsp lemon pepper

Put all of this in a gallon sized freezer bag a freeze. Make sure to label them, especially if you make a couple of chicken and a couple of beef. 🙂

When it comes time to make the soup, pull it out of your freezer and dump into your crock pot. (It may stick to the bag a little. If this happens, either run it under hot water for a little bit or fill up a large bowl/container and plop it in there for a bit.)
Once it’s in the crock pot heat on high for 3 hours or on low for 6 hours. Then you’ll want to add your meat and any extra veggies. You may also need to add more broth at this point. Taste to see if you need to add more seasoning, then cover and cook for another hour on high or 2 more hours on low.

While it’s finishing up you can easily whip up a batch of biscuits or grilled cheese sandwiches to go with. Slice up some crusty bread, throw a salad on the table or just put some crackers out for everyone. I have 3 kiddos and they always look forward to this soup. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by and have a flavorful week!
PS – For more crock pot ideas go visit diningwithdebbie!


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