Recipe Review – Split Pea Burgers

It’s been almost 2 months since my last post. :-O Actually, that’s been a good thing for me. I’ve been taking care of my family, new baby, and reconnecting with God. It’s been very good. 😀 My menu plan has been extremely simple and repetitive lately, which is why I haven’t been posting them. However, I might just post the next one in case it helps anyone else.

We’ve been trying to change our diet a lot lately. After viewing “Food, Inc.” I haven’t purchased any meat from local super markets or warehouse clubs. We’ve only purchased organic, free-range, grass fed, natural meats that are mostly local. And it’s EXPENSIVE! That said, we’ve been trying to incorporate complete proteins from other sources. I’ve been getting to know a nifty little grain by the name of quinoa. Did you know that it is a complete protein all on its own? We’ve been enjoying it in cold salads, and will no doubt experiment with warm salads next fall and winter. A friend of mine said she’s going to substitute it whenever she find recipes for couscous. Sounds good to me! 🙂

Tonight, we ventured into new territory… veggie burgers. Now, I’ve never tried a veggie burger, so I’m not even sure how they’re supposed to taste. But, I saw Alton Brown make a Split Pea Burger on his show “Good Eats” one night on the Food Network. I was intrigued because they looked really good. And they were really good. 😉
I did substitute lentils for the split peas, because that’s what I had. I am going to try them with the peas next time though because I’m not sure they turned out right texture-wise.

Don’t get me wrong, you are not going to bite into this and say, “Why have I been eating hamburgers when I could’ve been making these?” It’s definitely not like a hamburger. But I wasn’t looking for a hamburger, I was looking for a way to incorporate more beans/peas & rice into my diet. And these taste very good. My oldest son scarfed down two. 🙂

They were a bit squishy instead of firm, like a hamburger. My 1st two started to fall apart when I flipped them because I must’ve made them too big. Plus, I didn’t serve them on a bun because they already had peas, rice, & bread crumbs in them. I was very happy eating mine plain, however, we did pull out the ketchup to see how that tasted on them. Yep… still good.

All in all, I will be happy to try more veggie burger recipes. My 3rd born (who dislikes most legumes)… not so much. 😉
I hope this inspires you to try something new.

God bless,


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