FlyLady Challenge

It’s 84 degrees outside right now… and it’s that time of day when I start to lose steam. So instead of sitting here on my tush staring at FB, I thought I would get on my blog & put a challenge out there that might keep me on my toes too. 😉

Have you heard of FlyLady? I’ll let you check out her web site & read more about her. A while ago I bought her book, “Sink Reflections” (there’s a Kindle edition too). It’s really good, but I haven’t read it in a while & my house is suffering badly. So I started from the beginning. Shine my kitchen sink. Yep, this sink…

Gross… gross, gross, gross. (Click for a larger view, though you may gag.) Well, I decided I wanted to do this exactly the way FLyLady suggests. You know, do it right the first time? So I got out the bleach & started filling up the sink.

You wanna know the funning party about this? I decided to do this on July 4th. I’m declaring my independence from clutter & grime! I filled the sink up around 9:00 pm, headed outside for fireworks with the kids, and came back in a little after 10:00 pm to start scrubbing. And let me just say that I didn’t have to scrub that much! The soaking really helped the appearance of the sink. Then I used my Shaklee Scour Off Paste with my sponge & got every last mark or speck of crud out of my sink. Finally, I used a clean cloth to dry it out & polish it (a Super Microfiber Window Cloth would work nicely for this)… didn’t need the Windex. Wanna see how it turned out?

Ta-da!!! Isn’t that amazing? Honestly, I didn’t know my 70s avocado sink could look like that! Ahh… I wanted to just stand there & stare at it for a while. What about you… are you up for the challenge? Go to FlyLady’s web site & check out the Baby Steps. And let’s do this together! Oh, could I ask one small favor please? Can you please post a comment if you’re joining me on this challenge? It would be nice to know that there is someone out there holding me accountable, waiting for me to post the next step too. We can do this! 😉



4 thoughts on “FlyLady Challenge

  1. Suanne Colegrove

    That looks amazing Antoinette! Good for you! What’s your next challenge?
    I’m not sure I’m up for the fly lady thing yet…..

  2. Antoinette, I heard about this Flylady at the homeschool conf. and started about 3 weeks ago. It has really changed my house. I feel so much better about everything. The control journal helps me each day. My sink is shiny. My clutter is almost all gone. I am feeling much better about the baby coming and I now have so much more peace in the home. I did the baby steps and I read her stuff each day and it really does help. I am hooked, so I hope that encourages you. Jay is also very pleased with how neat and clean things have been around here. I hope you have success with it!

  3. I LOVE THE FLYLADY!!! I’ve been “flying” for a few months now. I keep falling off the wagon because my perfection is always getting in the way, but I’m slowly learning that “good enough is good enough” and “housework done incorrectly still blesses your family.”
    I’m so glad you found this gem of a resource!

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