Flylady Challenge – Day 2

How does your sink look? I must confess that it’s been hard for me to keep up. I can’t believe how something so simple could be so hard. But, I just got my dishwasher loaded & the sink is almost clean again. It will be clean before I go to bed tonight!

Did you look at Day 2 yet? “Get Dressed to Lace Up Shoes.

For some of you, this is no problem. You get up & have to get ready for a job outside the home. There’s no excuse not to get dressed. Being a stay at home Mom, I sometimes forget that I need to do the same thing. When I don’t get up before my kids & get ready for my day then I’m not prepared when they do wake up (or when I have to get them up.) This is my job, & they deserve that much. And when I’m still in my jammies I’m tempted to be lazy. Again, my kids deserve more then that. I don’t want to be passing along my bad habits to them. Not saying you can’t take a day to stay in jammies!

I believe that there are some days when it’s just called for… icky rainy days when we can take the time to watch a movie or play some games, sick days, etc. I just don’t want that to be our norm.

So what does “Dressed to Lace Up Shoes” look like to you? And why Lace Up Shoes? That’s so that we’re not tempted to kick them off & put our feet up. 😉 Again, I do believe there are phases in life when you do need to take that time to rest… especially during the first year after you’ve had a baby or major surgery.
But back to the first question… for me I get up & put on my exercise clothes. I may not have the chance right away in the morning, but when baby goes down for his nap, I’m all set to get my exercise done & take my shower. Some day I will be able to get it done in the morning before my kids awake. For now I need to get my Bible Study done… my Beth Moore Bible Study. Anyone who’s done a Beth Moore Bible Study knows that you can’t get it done in 15 minutes… so for now that’s a better use of my time in the morning. I’m still getting my exercise in & that’s what counts. 🙂

Speaking of exercise, did you know that 1 hour of housework burns 210 calories? And standing burns a minimum 168 calories/hr… so if you’re standing in the kitchen preparing a meal for half an hour, twice a day, then you’re easily going to burn more than 168 calories for that hour. Again I realize that not all of you reading this are stay at home Moms… just throwing that out there to show you that you can find ways to get more movement into your day, no matter what you do. 🙂

So let’s shine those sinks people… & get those shoes on. Thank you for joining me in this challenge! Have a wonderful weekend. 😀



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