FlyLady Challenge – Day 5

How are you all doing? I’ve been hit & miss with the sink, but it’s clean right now. 😉 And I have my shoes on right now too! I actually took them off for 20 minutes, set the timer, laid down, & put them right back on when the timer went off.

I’m a little late with day 5 because I’ve been very busy around the house today. We had a thunder storm last night & it was the perfect day to get some weeding done. I spent an hour out there & my garden desperately needed that. See?

Bucket o’ weeds! But, look what I saw when I was in there…

Grape Tomatoes! I can’t wait for them to fully ripen!

Any ways, back to FlyLady. 😉 Day 5 says to continue what you’re doing & write down what you hear. Believe it or not, this is key. When you hear those negative voices telling you, “You’re never going to change,” or, “You’re never going to be able to do this,” write it down & come up with a positive response. Everyone can change, especially through the power of the Holy Spirit. And, Yes, you are going to be able to do this. That’s why FlyLady came up with Baby Steps. When you feel like you’re so far behind that’s when you get overwhelmed & the negative thoughts creep in. Just take 15 minutes a day to get that sink clean. Even if you’re dog tired and it’s the end of the day & there are dishes literally tipping over in your sink. Take them out, put them on the counter & get that sink shined. You’ll be preparing yourself for success in the morning! 😉



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