FlyLady Challenge – Day 7

How we doing people? We’re on Day 7 already! Are you finding it hard to keep up, or do you feel like you’re FLYing? Let’s see, the sink is definitely getting easier for me, but I think my husband has been helping. 😉 I’ve been dressing to shoes & I’ve noticed that I am ready to start my day a lot earlier AND I’m getting a lot more done during my day. I notice the Post-It Note in the bathroom more than the one above the sink… and I’m considering putting another up. It will say: Floss, Brush Gums, Fluoride Rinse. (Anyone who attend The Urban Refuge this past Sunday will get that one.) 🙂

How ’bout those negative thoughts? That may be the hardest thing to do. Now, I’m a Christian, so I like to turn these thoughts over to God. Since He’s the One who made me I figure He doesn’t think about me that way… why should I? Nope, not gunna do it… anymore. I’ve wasted way too much time letting those thoughts take over my life. I have a choice to make each time they come. Either I can listen to them, sit & marinate in them until I’m oozing negativity (oh so much fun to be around). Or I can see them for what they are… LIES. Then flip those words around… “What was that you said, I’m a Loser? Why thank you, I am! I’ve lost 60 pounds over the past year, & I’m not done yet!” Take that! 😀

Sooooo… where were we? Baby steps! As I was looking back on the Baby Steps I realized that I missed one. FLYLady recommends going to BigTent and signing up for the email service. This is a free service & will give you email reminders of all the things that us FlyBabies are working on. I will talk a little bit more about that tomorrow since this post is getting long enough already. Let’s move on to Day 7. This step has saved my tuckus a couple of times. Especially if we have some event that the kids are going to the next day & the one pair of pants they need is in the dirty laundry! Yep, another good one.

I’d love to hear how any of you are doing. Leave a comment if you get a chance. 😉

God Bless,


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