FlyLady Challenge- Day 8 & 9

Once again I am late in posting the FlyLady Challenge… proof that I need it more than ever! 😉

We are on to Day 8 today: Get a 3 Ring Binder & Put Paper in it.

That’s what mine looks like. I keep our daily schedule in the front cover & it doubles as a teacher’s binder too (for homeschooling). Doesn’t have to be fancy, but if you want to make fancy, go for it!

I’m going to move on to Day 9: Declutter a few minutes at a time. How many of you are just like me? If you can’t start the project and finish it why bother? Or maybe you take one look at a heaping mess & don’t even know where to start? Yep, I’ve fallen back into that mind set. I love her idea to just take a few minutes in one area to clean a little bit. For me, that’s going to be my desk. And this is going to be embarrassing…

Yep, that’s my desk. I can’t even get to it. And there’s no space to even put my lap top. Plus, my company is coming out with a brand new catalog in about 10 days. I need to get this desk ready for business! So I will try to remember to post pictures of my progress to encourage you. Would love to hear what you’re working on.

Yesterday I briefly mentioned Big Tent. This is a free group & email service. If you sign up for it then you will get daily reminders to shine your sink, dress to shoes, etc. What I don’t want to happen is to have you sign up for the email reminders, start getting the emails & then get completely overwhelmed with everything. I almost think it’s better to just go through the Baby Steps on the web site, or through her book. Then, when you feel like your head is above water feel free to sign up for the emails. I do get the emails, but I haven’t been reading them. I like seeing them in my Inbox as a reminder to do my Baby Steps right now. Some day I will start reading them, just not yet. You do have the choice to get individual emails sent out or one daily digest. I get the daily digest… just one email with all the topics combined. Keeps my Inbox from getting even more cluttered.

OK, let’s get to it! You can do this!



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