FlyLady Challenge – Day 10

I’m a little excited. My husband just finished putting this shelf up in the laundry room…

Woo-Hoo! We’re getting organized and decluttered! (My Spell Check is tell me that’s not a word it’s familiar with.) LOL!

On to Day 10… You can Do Anything for 15 minutes! Do know know how true this is? There have been so many times when I look at my kitchen and get so overwhelmed at the mess. But when I remember this Baby Step I set my timer for 15 minutes & start with the dishes. Before you know it my timer’s going off & I’m saying, “I just need to finish this & put that away…” Once you get started & you see yourself making progress, you don’t want to stop! However, don’t get yourself into a position where you’re pulling everything out of a closet & won’t have time to get back to it until next week. That’s why I love the 15 minutes rule. Do what you can in 15 minutes. If the timer goes off & you have another 15 minutes to invest, go for it! If the timer goes off & you need to get some other stuff done, you don’t have a huge mess to clean up before you go. Wanna see my desk? Still a work in progress, but here’s the first attempt…

Look, I can now actually get to the desk! I sorted through all of my Thirty-One bags, pulled out the ones that are retiring & kept the ones that are current. Now to find a place to store them out of the way (hence the shelf in the basement).

Here’s my next attempt…

A lot more cleared off on the actual desk area. I got some filing done & some shredding done too. Feels awesome!!!

I hope you are doing well & enjoying the challenge. Remember this is only meant as a tool to help you FLY. If you’re feeling behind, just stick to the day that you’re on. You may still be back on Day 1 trying to keep your sink cleaned & shining. That’s ok! Move on to the next step when you feel ready. We might be trying to undo years of other habits. That takes hard work & dedication. And you know what? I know you can do it!



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