FlyLady Challenge – Day 12

OK, I literally laughed out loud when I read Day 12 – Delete all emails from FlyLady. Didn’t I just say that? LOL! So it’s not just me, even she knows they can get overwhelming. 😉 Go ahead, delete them if you haven’t already. They’ll be back the next day. 🙂

How are you doing? I still struggle keeping the sink shined, but I’ve been doing a whole lot better at keeping it empty & cleaning off the counter. Believe me, that’s a BIG improvement. I picked out my clothes last night & dressed to shoes in the morning. When I don’t wear my shoes my back is usually hurting pretty bad by about 2:00 & I need to sit down to rest it. But when I get my shoes on I can get a lot more done. Enough motivation for me!

Anyone have a favorite Baby Step so far? Anyone still doing the challenge?



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