An Untroubled Heart

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged anything. In fact, it was last summer. With the start of school I’ve had no time at all! However, I think it’s time to start again. Why now?

Someone shared an online Bible Study with me a couple of months ago. We went through the book, “Made to Crave” by Lysa Terkeurst. If you haven’t had the chance to read that one yet, I highly recommend it. It’s about satisfying your deepest desire with God, not food. There’s so much to learn there that I’m considering doing a Bible study about it this summer. I could easily go through it again (and again) just to soak up the truths Lysa shares in the book. What do you locals think? Anyone vote for doing that this summer? Shoot, we could even do it online like the study I participated in.

But before I let myself get completely distracted, let me share the book that I’m going through now. It’s called, An Untroubled Heart by Micca Campbell… tag line, Finding a Faith that is stronger than all my Fears.

Stop. Did you hear what you just read? “Finding a Faith that is stronger than all my Fears.” Yeah, says a lot doesn’t it? By the way, we just started the Bible Study at Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies if you care to join us. If you have a Kindle [or the Kindle app] you can get started right away. We’re just starting Chapter 3 today. 🙂

Often times I like to share the things that inspire me on facebook. Or it might be something that causes me to stop and think. With this book, I’ve come across a couple of passages that are just too long for me to post on facebook. So for now, I’ll be sharing them on my blog. Hopefully that will be frequently, but I can’t guarantee anything. (And hopefully they won’t all be as long as this one.) 😉

Last week I was reading through Chapter 2. According to the Kindle version I’m on page 29 of 238. She starts the last paragraph by saying, “I get confused at times and think I’m supposed to accomplish this task alone, but then it becomes about me. The truth is, my biggest obligation is to maintain my relationship with God. When I lean on Him, my anxieties give way to peace.”

“It would be easy to give in to my fear and allow Satan to stop me. I could throw my manuscript up in the air and eat some gooey chocolate something. But I wouldn’t feel better. I’d feel defeated. God didn’t intend for you and me to live defeated. We were created to live by faith, not fear. We were made for greener pastures, where God’s mercy and goodness dwell with us, provide for us, shelter us, and enable us to do whatever God is calling us to do-be a parent, a schoolteacher, a musician, a writer, or maybe even someone who walks on water.”

How many times has that been you? OH forget it! Give me some chocolate! We laugh about it, but so many women are being defeated. I’m tired of it. Satan is not being given enough credit for his deceptions. People, the very first sin on earth was about food!

Oops… I’m getting off on my own tangent. Back to feeling defeated… ever felt that way? Ever felt like just throwing your hands up and walking away. Yeah, that’s Satan. That’s how he rolls. In those times, remember 2 Timothy 1:7 – “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” In that moment, we have a decision to make. In that moment do we give in to fear or do we bury our face in Jeses’ chest and let him carry the burden?

Alcoholics wake up each morning and have to say, “I will not drink today.” Similar with smokers or any other type of addict. I think I need to wake up each morning and say, “I will not give in to fear today. I will put my faith in the One who carried the cross… who carried the burden of my sin to the grave and back.” What are your fears? Will you trust Him with them?



3 thoughts on “An Untroubled Heart

  1. Anna K.

    Antoinette …. I love this and I need to remind myself of these same things everyday. I don’t know if it’s human nature or if women are more afflicted with the tendency to fear, I know that it something that plagues me, although I much better than I used to me. My husband is really good at reminding me of the passage from 2 Timothy. 🙂

    I saw that you were starting a study and I wanted to join you, but I have a lot on my plate right now with being due with baby #3 in a couple of months, finishing the homeschool year and then I am just finishing a study at church. You might really enjoy the book we are using actually. It addresses some of these same things. (It’s called “Every Thought Captive” by Jerusha Clark and its about the toxic thoughts/lies that we believe that prevent us from being the women that God intends us to be.)

    1. Antoinette

      Yes, definitely a lot on your plate. Congratulations, btw, if I haven’t said that yet. So excited for you guys!!!

      That book sounds amazing, and challenging. I will check it out. Good to hear from you, Anna. 🙂

  2. Wendy Holte


    Amazing…and empowering! =) I wish I had read this earlier today, when I was in the grip of fear. Thanks for the scripture. I am going to write it down right now!

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