What are your PRIORITIES?

Micca Campbell gives us a great acrostic to use in Chapter 4 of An Untroubled Heart.

P – Pray. Ask God for wisdom. Ask Him to show you His priorities for this season of your life.
R – Review God’s priorities for your life. Study God’s Word to determine His priorities for you as His child and as a woman.
I – Take Inventory. Examine the activities that consume your time. Keep a time log for a week. Then ask hard questions. What are my true priorities? Are they the right ones?
O – Order your schedule. Ask, “What is important?” Make the hard choices based on God’s priorities for your life.
R – Resist the “tyranny of the urgent.” Don’t let the urgent keep you from focusing on the truly important.
I – Input from others. Seek input, counsel, and accountability from authorities, godly friends, mentors, and your husband (if applicable).
T – Take advantage of the time God gives you. Don’t waste time. Do all to the glory of God. (I really like this one!)
I – Identify time robbers. What saps your energy and robs your time? Activities, attitudes, distractions, interruptions? (One thing I need to remind myself is that children are not interruptions. They ARE my priority.) 😉
E – Experience this season fully. Be all there is this season of life. Weep, rejoice, work hard, and celebrate with all your heart. Don’t waste your time living in the past or future.
S – Sabbaths. Take regular time-outs to refresh, regain perspective, reflect and evaluate, and re-prioritize. Make adjustments accordingly.

I think I need to print this & have it with me at all times. 😉
If you can, take some time right now & think through each point or plan a specific time today to do this. Then let me know if you did it. 😉

Have a fulfilling day,


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