Menu Plan Monday – August 20th, 2012

We started school this month. That means that when it gets to be about 4:00 on any given day my thoughts are usually… Doh! I need to make dinner! What helps so much is to have a plan going into the week so that I don’t HAVE to think about it at 4:00. 🙂

    Menu Plan

Pancakes with berries & whipped cream
Pumpkin Oatmeal
Pumpkin Muffins
along with eggs & fruits of all sorts
And I kind of want to try this Cinnamon Apple Toast

cut veggies with Ranch Dip

pretzels & cheese
crumpets [the kids’ new favorite item] with peanut butter, bananas, & mini chocolate chips
smoothies & lots of fruit
ants on a log
Roast Chicken with Rice & steamed Broccoli
Grilled Pork Cutlets with green beans & corn
Grilled burgers, salad & raw veggies
Chicken casserole with rice & peas
(This one takes so much energy, really. Make the rice in chicken broth. While the rice is simmering on the stove, cut up leftover chicken [from Monday night]& thaw peas. When rice is finished stir in the chicken & peas, then cover until heated through. Add some Braggs [soy sauce] or hot pepper sauce if you wish.)
Jimmy Johns (We’ve started biking there as a family to pick up our dinner)
Split Pea Soup with Ham, salad & veggies

Got to keep it as simple as I can during the school year. And I still need to train my kids to take over this position. I’m really ok with someone else wearing the Chef’s hat. 😉 Have a wonderful day!


More great Menu plans over at Organizing Junkie!


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