School Schedule

I’ve had a lot of people ask about our school schedule since we started in August this year, so I thought I would share it with you. 🙂 We go for 6 weeks then take a one week break with plans to be done by the end of April.

First, some picture of what we’ve been up to…

A camouflage experiment using Skittles & colored paper. What a way to start the school year, Skittles for morning snack. 😉
I really, really like these History pages for History this year. Here’s Sam’s notebook.
Ells’a History Notebook
Landon’s History notebook
Poetry & Art are combined this year. Each week we read a poem & then work on a Watercolor Painting to accompany the poem. We are all enjoying this!

By the way, we’re using Heart of Dakota: Creation to Christ as our curriculum this year.

Now, on to the schedule!

1st Session – July 31st through September 7th
Break – September 8th through 16th.
(We have a 4 day schedule, so it’ll be easy to take Labor Day weekend off if we want.)
We’ve decided to do a bunch of painting in the house during our week off.

2nd session – September 17th through November 2nd
Break – November 3rd through 11th
We may try to do some house project here.

3rd session – November 12th through December 21st (again, with the 4 day school week it’ll be easy to move lessons around to accommodate Thanksgiving)
Break – December 22nd through January 1st

4th session – January 2nd through February 8th
This will be our mid-winter break – February 9th through the 17th

5th session – February 18th through March 29th
Break – March 30th through April 7th
I’d like to take this week to plant seedlings & figure out how we want to lay out the garden

6th session – April 8th through May 3rd

So far the kids really like the curriculum. Though Sam switched from doing chemistry last year in Science to doing Zoology this year. He doesn’t like it as much. 😉 However, I just got this CD-Rom of lapbooks to make along with the curriculum that I think will make it more fun. Definitely more hands on & we’re all sort of… crafty. 🙂

Have a blessed day!


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