Fight allergies with honey?

Honestly, I had no idea. A friend of mine asked me if I could get her some honey at the local health foods store… a special kind of honey. Pollen Fortified Honey. Well what on earth is that?

From the Bare Honey website, “Raw honey is renowned for its allergy remediation benefits, due to the small amount of pollens that are naturally present in the honey. Pollen Fortified Honey is a liquid honey that has been infused with additional natural pollen which was collected by Midwest local bees.”

Yes please!

Not to mention the additional health benefits, “Bee pollen is known as the ‘super food’, as it boosts metabolism, helps with defense against seasonal allergies and strengthens the immune system… just to name a few.”

Yep, I went to Valley Natural Foods & got some. And my tongue stopped itching. I will be having more tomorrow!


PS – Check THIS out, too! I think I know what we’ll be doing next summer. 😉


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