Gratituesday – Pinterest

I know, I know, it’s Wednesday. We took last week off from school & I’m all off kilter this week trying to get back into the swing of things. We did a lot of painting…

Dining room wall

The coral color is on two walls of our living room. The peach color is on the other wall, entry way, one bathroom, a stairwell, & a hallway. A-hem, I like that color the best. 😉
The boys chose yellow & green for their room. Only the yellow got done. The green is scheduled for this weekend. 🙂

But we are getting back on schedule & I’m trying to get back on the blog bandwagon. 😉 It really hit me today that I’m very grateful for Pinterest. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest it’s a place where you can “pin” all of the cool stuff you come across on the internet. In stead of bookmarking everything, you simply click Pin It, from you bookmark bar, & pin it to the board you want it on. (Don’t worry, they make it really easy to add the “Pin It” button to your bookmark bar.) They have different categories that you can pin things under like DIY & Crafts, Education, Food & Drink, Gardening, Health & Fitness, Fashion, etc.

No, I’m not getting paid to endorse Pinterest. And I do think you need to be really careful how much time you spend on it. But it has really helped me to find new creative things to do & cook.

Like this Glitter Bottle

It took me all of five minutes to make it. I clicked on to the tutorial (here), plugged the hot glue gun in, filled the water bottle with stuff & water, removed the label, & glued the cap on. Aaron loves it & it is one more thing to keep him busy while I’m doing school with the other kiddos.

And then there’s this stuff.

It’s called Cloud Dough, but you may know it better as Moon Sand. Again, it took about 2 minutes to make… Get out a big bowl, pour in 1 cup of baby oil, add 8 cups of flour, mix until the right consistency. Done! I used mineral oil because I didn’t have baby oil. I threw out the 12 year old bottle that I had earlier this year when decluttering. But baby oil is basically mineral oil with a scent, so we’re good.

And then there are the recipes! What a help they have been! I’ve been struggling with cooking for over a year now. I would actually rather go to the dentist instead of having to cook. But there are so many recipes to try out on Pintereest. Only the really good ones get posted, so you know they’re worth trying. And there are so many easy recipes posted by busy Moms like myself. Of course there are a ton of recipes, I just tend to focus on the simple, kid-friendly meals. 🙂

So back to the time management… you have to be very careful because it’s easy to get addicted. I recommend setting a timer, like five minutes & then only go on if there’s something you’re looking for. I use it a lot for homeschool ideas & for meals, so it’s easy to get on there and browse for five minutes. You can find a lot in five minutes!

What about you? Do you Pinterest?


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