Meal Plan Monday May 27, 2013

OK, so it’s not Monday. However, when we got into town last night all I could think about was getting organized for the week. Meal planning is where I started… and that’s as far as I got. 😉

Breakfast – Leftover Taco Bello (What?! Don’t judge.)
Lunch – Random bits of whatever is in the fridge or freezer (unless I make it to the grocery store first)
Dinner – Pea Soup & maybe some Gluten Free Bread from this Cookbook

Breakfast – Oatmeal (at bottom of post) or Pancakes & berries
Lunch – Pea Soup & bread
Dinner – Sloppy Joes, carrots, & corn

Breakfast – Banana Bread Muffins & berries
Lunch – Sloppy Joe leftovers, carrots, & corn
Dinner – These Chicken Pot Pie Poppers sound yummy with some sort of veggies

Breakfast – Possibly some muffins in mugs like these or these
Lunch – Leftovers (if we have any) or forage through the fridge
Dinner – Pancakes, sausage, & watermelon

Saturday (Huge neighborhood garage sale)
Breakfast – Leftover Pancakes & berries
Lunch – Garage sale food tent
Dinner – sandwiches or take out

Sunday – We have to be at band practice early, so something simple
Lunch – Sandwiches?
Dinner – @ The Gate (if we’re not too worn out)

I will be following the Trim Healthy Mama meal plan along with my Reliv shakes:
Breakfast – Shake of Now, Fibrestore, Innergize, Cellebrate, Vanilla Whey Protein Powder, & berries, 4 oz oj + 12 oz water
Lunch – Shake of SoySentials, Fibrestore, Cellebrate, Chocolate Whey Protein Powder & Silk Almond milk
Snack – Salad in a jar & muffin in a mug
Dinner – Some sort of protein, veggies, fat combo + Lemon Yogurt or other such treat.

If this meal plan doesn’t float your boat, head on over to orgjunkie to find hundreds of other meal plans!

Have a wonderful week!


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