Menu Plan Monday – June 24, 2013

Click on banner to find hundreds of other meal options!
Click on banner to find hundreds of other meal options!

After a wonderful vacation we are now back to the real world. 🙂 Here’s my plan for the week… it’s really more of a guideline.

Scrambled Eggs, Omelets, Pancakes, lots of fruit.

Mostly leftovers, sandwiches (on Rudi’s GF bread), corn thins & rice cakes with various toppings, cut veggies & cheese

Trail mix, fruit & cheese, muffins in a mug, Greek yogurt with additions, apple snacks, cut veggies.

Crock pot roast chicken with corn & green beans, Fried cabbage with bacon served with GF cornbread, Mini meatloaves with broccoli bites, White bean & sausage soup, Spaghetti pie with mixed veggies, & Crock pot cream cheese chicken chili with gf garlic toast.

Trim Healthy Mam Substitutions to dinners for me: an egg instead of cornbread with the fried cabbage, replacing the breadcrumbs in both the meatloaves & broccoli bites with ground flax, the sausage in the bean soup is low fat chicken, I’ll probably just have leftovers instead of the spaghetti pie, & no garlic toast for me with the chili. 🙂 I will also be having my Reliv shakes (Now shake & Chocolate shake)

I hope that you have a wonderful, blessed week.


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