Menu Plan Monday – July 15th

How’s everyone? I hope you had a great weekend (& week, for that matter). I’m going to get right down to business & on with our…

Click on banner to find hundreds of other meal options!
Click on banner to find hundreds of other meal options!

I’m having a hard time breaking away from the cereal because it’s so easy. However, these Clafoutis sound really easy to try!

Don’t they look amazing?


Oh yes, we’ll be trying those. 🙂


I’ve been enjoying soups for lunch with raw veggies, fruits, rice cakes & corn cakes with a variety of toppings. This week I’d like to make Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili, Slow Cooker Lentil Soup, & the kids really liked the Beef Barley (with substitutions) that I made.

Monday – Lentil Soup with raw veggies & fruit
Tuesday – Grilled Margarita Chicken with corn & broccoli
Wednesday – (Sam’s night to cook) Spaghetti & MB with steamed green beans & gf pasta; Raspberry Fool for dessert
Thursday – Curried Cod (without the mint), rice & broccoli
Friday – (Ella’s night to cook) Cheeseburger Pie with lettuce & tomato; Cheesecake for dessert
Saturday – Brinner!
Sunday – Nobody wants to cook dinner on Sunday so we need to find a healthy stand by. Any ideas? I’m thinking cook up a bunch of taco meat & freeze it for a quick taco night.

Incidentally, we tried these biscuits with strawberries & whipped cream past week. Yummy!!!

What are you making this week?


One thought on “Menu Plan Monday – July 15th

  1. Sunday nights in the past I’ve often called it “If You Can Find It, You Can Eat It.” But if you don’t usually have leftovers or stuff to scrounge, maybe you could put something in the slow cooker in the morning? Or just have grilled cheese and soup.

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