Menu Plan Monday – October 7, 2013

Fall is officially in the air in these here parts. Hopefully you are enjoying the cooler weather like I am! The kids can’t wait to rake up the leaves & then drop into them from our rope swing. 🙂

Onto this week’s…

Click on the picture for hundreds more menu ideas.
Click on the picture for hundreds more menu ideas.

Sunday – (Mom cooks, if you can call Nachos cooking) Nachos 😉
Monday – (E cooks) French toast (GF bread), bacon, & fruit salad
Tuesday – (C cooks) Fish, rice & broccoli
Wednesday – (Mom cooks) Hamburger soup & cucumber salad
Thursday – Take out or raid the refrigerator
Friday – (C cooks) Cajun Chicken Pasta (GF spaghetti) with olive garden salad & dressing
Saturday – (S cooks) Crock Pot Creamy Chicken Spaghetti (GF spaghetti) with Broccoli & more olive garden salad with dressing

Trim Healthy Mama
If you haven’t heard of Trim Healthy Mama, it’s a book that recently came out & is very popular right now. So many women are not just losing weight but improving their overall health by changing the way they eat following the THM guidelines. I’m trying to implement these guidelines myself, but find that I’m not taking the effort to plan out my meals & therefore stumble. SO, this is what I’m planning for dinners this week.

Sunday – I can eat a taco salad instead of eating the tortilla chips.
Monday – I will eat the bacon & make an omelet.
Tuesday – Fish with broccoli covered in lots of butter. 🙂
Wednesday – Will make the soup without potatoes to make it more THM friendly (possibly add cauliflower or cabbage).
Thursday – Not sure
Friday – Will be able to eat the cajun chicken pasta as long as I keep the portion small & eat more of the chicken, veggies, & salad.
Saturday – Will probably keep some chicken & broccoli separate & make an alfredo sauce for that.

What do you have planned for the week? Are you trying THM? Do you have your kids help with the cooking? Would love to hear from you. 🙂

Have a great week!


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