Tea Party – Life Skills

Isn’t it funny how you can plan out one activity & it turns into something else? That’s what happened with this tray

18th - Tray

I thought he would have so much fun putting the buttons & the pom poms in all the cups & bowls & on the plates.


He wanted a tea party. (This used to be my daughter’s tea set, by the way. Here’s a similar set if you don’t have an IKEA near you.)

Then I thought, “Hey! We could turn this into a life skills play time!”

So I got out his favorite sensory play things… a mixture of beans, corn & rice along with a ladle. Then I got a measuring cup with some water in it for him to pour. He had so much fun. 🙂

Soup anyone?
Soup anyone?
And to drink?
And to drink?

I was very grateful for that tray when it came to him pouring the water.

I’m so glad we did this because now we have a new skill to work on. He started to get the hang of it when he got to the tea cups. Just remember to slow down… which I know can be very hard for boys to do. 😉


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5 thoughts on “Tea Party – Life Skills

  1. Where did you get that dish set from? I’d really like to get it for my daughter! I like your idea here too, of course, but I got side tracked on the set. Lol

      1. Tara

        Thank you! Im kind of obsessive and with some help, I found it about ten minutes after asking you. The set (both of them) are SO cute and so affordable
        ! The only problem now is getting to one b/c these are not available to purchase online ;(. Thanks again!

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