Trim Healthy Tuesday {December 17th, 2013}

Head on over to Gwen's nest for more Trim Healthy recipes. :-D
Head on over to Gwen’s nest for more Trim Healthy recipes. 😀

Happy Tuesday to you!

I have been struggling along with Trim Healthy Mama for quite some time now. I really have a problem “following the rules.” And I know this is not a diet, but a change of lifestyle. Yet I still cave to temptations that are no good for me. Therefore I’ve been yo-yoing back & forth with no real weight loss. Every once in a while I would hint at my husband that maybe he could read THM & give me his thoughts on it, maybe help me figure it out better. And he meant to do it, but there are just so many other things he needs to do.

Then he decided that he wanted to read it & maybe try it. So he read it over Thanksgiving break & got serious about it! I watched him be faithful to the program the first week & it inspired me to try harder too. He’s lost about 7 lbs & I’ve lost 2 & 1/2! Those numbers may not seem very big to you, but they are a great start!

So this is my plan for the week following THM.

SUNDAY night I made this…

Chicken Ragu - click picture for recipe (it's at the bottom of the post).
Chicken Ragu – click picture for recipe (it’s at the bottom of the post).

It was so yummy, everyone gobbled it down. The kids had it over gluten free noodles with a side of broccoli. I had mine over broccoli. I wasn’t sure if this was an E or an S because of all the tomatoes, so I had some Greek Yogurt afterwards. I added thawed cherries & stevia.

MONDAY night we had a birthday celebration. I bought some decent looking Panko crusted chicken tenders (birthday boy’s favorite). I realize they are not THM friendly, but I had them on a salad with low fat Ranch dressing. Unfortunately the fries were too tempting. Add the cake & ice cream & I feel like I kind of blew it. However, I only had one cupcake & 1 scoop of ice cream whereas in the past I would’ve had a whole bowl of ice cream. Baby steps.  😉

TUESDAY night’s plan is Beef Stir Fry, rice & salad. I will skip the rice. My husband is the stir fry cooker in our family so he’s going to make the sauce with Xylitol. If I’m still hungry I will have a Muffin in a Mug.

WEDNESDAY we are having Nachos, therefore I will have a Taco salad minus the chips.

THURSDAY – Some form of Chicken Soup. I haven’t decided what, but it will probably be an E meal.

FRIDAY – Bibimbop with rice. This will be an S meal for me without the rice.

SATURDAY – We’re making hamburgers with no buns. The kids have even gotten used to eating them without the buns, but they will have corn & veggies, too. My husband & I can’t wait to try this Big Mac with Special Sauce Salad.

For the rest of the meals during the day I have really been enjoying my Creamy Warm Chai Smoothies in the mornings. My favorite flavor lately has been with Green Tea, Creamy Pumpkin Pie Tea, & Vanilla Whey Protein Powder. Yummy!

I have lots of omelettes, salads, plain greek yogurt sweetened with stevia & berries, Muffin in a Mug, Chocolate Whey Protein shake with added vitamins, & raw veggies with ranch dressing.

If you’re stopping by from Gwen’s Nest please leave a comment to let me know how you’re doing or if you have any tips that help you stick with THM. I would love to hear from you.

Have a fabulous day & thanks for stopping by!

For more delicious, healthy  recipes, check out my Wildtree Website.
For more delicious, healthy recipes, check out my Wildtree Website.

2 thoughts on “Trim Healthy Tuesday {December 17th, 2013}

    1. Antoinette

      Hi Gwen! Bibimbop is a Vietnamese dish. It is typically made with a lot of vegetables, seasoned ground beef, a fried egg on top, & served over rice. Obviously the nice thing is that you don’t have to serve it over rice. This makes a very filling S meal. 🙂 Click on the link for a version of the recipe. I’ll have to have my husband write out his recipe so that I can share it with you all!

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