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My Wildtree adventure was not supposed to be an adventure. There was a promotion. Wildtree’s Business Builder Kit was on sale for $49.95. $49.95 for $160 worth of products! Yeah, I bought it.

As I was waiting for my goody box to arrive I started to poke around the website. That’s when I found so much more than yummy products. I found a wealth of information to help me with my Menu planning! I found out about their Simple. Healthy. Workshops. Oh yeah! That’s right up my ally.

You purchase a bundle of Wildtree products like the One Stop Crock or Everyday Meals bundle, bring your own meat & put these meals together with a bunch of friends. How fun is that?!?! (The best part is that the host can get her bundle for free!)

They have monthly specials…

Customer Promotion
Customer Promotion
And Host Promotion
And Host Promotion

When it comes right down to it, I just eat healthier when I have a bunch of meals in my freezer. I know what went into the food. Did I mention that Wildtree is all natural and now has a bunch of organic products?! Yep, no hydrogenated fats, preservatives, artificial flavors or additives. It’s aaaaaaall good. 😉

Thank you, Wildtree, for making my life healthier & easier!

My Wildtree Website

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